Circuits from Parts List

The circuits listed below are built from the components found in the electronics parts list.
For the parts list in .pdf format, see: Electronics Parts List. The pricing for some of the parts on the list may require purchasing 100 pieces at a time. See the breadboard setup at Breadboard Setup. Some circuits are listed in more than one category.

Many more circuits may be found mixed in the lessons at: or in the PicBasic Pro section at:

.pdf Format
.doc Format
Basic Circuits:      
  Potentiometer voltage divider
  LED dimmer
  Charging/discharging capacitor
  +5 Volt voltage regulator
  Transistor switches
LED Circuits:      
  LED dimmer
  555 dual LED flasher
  Transistor dual LED flasher
Photoresistors Circuits:      
  Light meter
  Light and dark alarms
Sound Circuits:      
  555 Timer tone generator
  Transistor siren
  Morse code practice oscillator
  Light and dark alarms
  LM386 audio amplifier
PIC16F88 Circuits:      
  Scrolling LEDs


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