2008 - 2009 Photos:

Shopping for MATE Parts at Home Depot Assembling the MATE Control Box
Carrying the Props... And the Tether
ROV Pool-side Testing Parental Support at the MATE Florida Regionals
Checking Buoyancy and the Rules Ready to Go
Thinking between MATE Rounds 1st Place MATE Florida Regionals
Ice Cream Break  

2007 - 2008 Photos:

2007-2008 Botball Team-Thanks Paul Disaster Strikes at the Botball Tournament
Salvage 4th Place Botball Finish Pizza Consumed during Botball Season
Working with the Analog/Digital Trainer Completing a Noisy Circuit
Soldering Motor Leads Milling Car Part
Fabricating Parts Programming PicBasic Pro
Hacked Servo Car Races Final Stages of Sonar Car
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