Arduino Programs

We have just begun to convert some of the PicBasic Pro programs into Arduino code. To install Arduino on a computer with Windows 7, see: Installing Arduino UNO Rev3 Driver on Windows 7.

Reading Sensor Programs:

Program Name
Schematic for Code
Code as .pdf
Download Arduino Code
as .ino File
blink1 Blink an LED repeatedly.
blink2 Blink an LED 5 times.
railroad Two LEDs flash like a railroad crossing.
knight_rider Lights multiple LEDs in sequence, then in reverse.
count1 Program illuminates LEDs to count in binary from 1 to 255.
lcd1 Displays "Hello World" on 16x2 LCD display.
lcd2 Scrolls LCD message to the right then to the left.
lcd_serial_to_lcd Displays text sent over the
serial port on an attached LCD.
adc1 Read an analog sensor
(potentiometer) and display the 10-bit value on an LCD.
adc2 Reads an analog sensor
(potentiometer) , converts it to voltage (0-5V), and displays the result on an LCD.
adc3 Re-maps a 10-bit number
from one range (0-1023) to an 8-bit number (0-255).
servo1 Control a servo position using a potentiometer. Program from
servo2 Control a servo position using a potentiometer. The program creates its own pulse pattern.
digRead1 Read 6 digital pins and
display results as one variable.
dinsmore1 Reads Dinsmore 1490 Digital Compass  

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