PDF Files from Adobe Illustrator:

Solderless Breadboard Files:

Basic 840 Pin Solderless Breadboard   840 Pin Solderless Breadboard Setup  
Breadboard Electronic Components   410 Pin Solderless Breadboard  


Potentiometer Construction Linear Solenoid    
De-energized SPDT Relay Energized SPDT Relay    
De-energized SPDT Relay - No Text Energized SPDT Relay - No Text    
4-Band Resistor Code 5-Band Resistor Code    
Parts of a Motor Operation of a Basic DC Motor 1    
Operation of a Basic DC Motor 2 Operation of a Basic DC Motor 3    
Capacitor Electric Field      


Voltmeter Parallel to Component   Ammeter Inserted into Circuit  

Ohm's Law:

Ohm's Law      

Digital Multimeter:

Digital Multimeter and Test Leads      

Battery Files:

Batteries in Parallel   Batteries in Series  

AC Generation:

AC Generator Construction   One Revolution of the Generator Armature  


Solar Day Use   Solar with Storage  
Solar AC DC   Solar Panels in Series and Parallel  
Solar Panels in Parallel   Solar Panels in Series  

Wheeled Robots:

Differential Drive Single Caster   Differential Drive Two Casters
Turn on Spot with One Caster   Turn on Spot with Two Casters
Differential Drive Straight   Differential Drive One Wheel Locked
Wheel Clearance   Wheel Mounting



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