Internet Controlled Robotic Arm

The Cornerstone Academy Robotics Team decided to design and build a robotic arm that was controlled over the internet. This was an ambitious project for the team and they succeeded because of some crucial support from Dr Tim Davis of the University of Florida and two mechanical engineering students from UF, David Kundinger and Chris Kennedy . The team encountered many obstacles especially in programming, yet they persevered and completed the project the day before Technology Student Association (TSA) Nationals in Baltimore, MD June 28, 2010. Their efforts were rewarded with first place in the Electronics Research and Experimentation competition at the Florida TSA state conference and at the national TSA conference.

Video of Arm in Operation

Detail Photos of the Arm and Gripper

TSA Technical Report
(6 MB file)

Gainesville Sun Article

Project Photos:

Working on the Mechanical Design   Making CAD Drawings
Milling Part for Arm   First Linear Actuator Installed
Getting Advice from a Florida Gator   Early Electronics Prototype
Testing the Electronics on the Arm   Testing rpm on Turntable Motor
Second Linear Actuator Installed   Persevering for Hours to Make the Arm Work
Mechanical Arm Complete   Wiring the Arm




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