Internet Controlled Robotic Arm Details


Entire Arm One of the Two Breadboards  
Gripper Gripper 1/4 x 16 RH ACME Screw and Flange from Roton  
Gripper Limit Switch Gripper 1.5" Force Sensor from Robot Shop (under Protective Rubber)  
Wrist Wrist  
Wrist Limit Switch Wrist Gearhead Motor and Limit Switch  
Wrist Web Cam Both Wrist Limit Switches  
Wrist Side View Clarostat 600128CBL Encoder  
80/20 Elbow Joint Elbow  
Elbow Elbow  
Elbow 4" Stroke 100 Pound Linear Actuator from Trossen Robotics  
Shoulder Joint Mounted on Base Shoulder  
Base Base  
Base Base Motor and Encoder Reader under Platform  
Encoder Reader and Wheel from EncoderGeek .com Built in Limit Switches on Base Motor  


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