ROV Entry for the 2013 MATE International Competition

The Cornerstone Robotics team competed June 20 - 22, 2012 in the 12th Annual
MATE International ROV Competition at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, WA. The six member team competely rebuilt this year's ROV and control console. They added new PCBs and rotary pneumatic actuators. The team finished 6th out of 30 teams competiting.

The Cornerstone Robotics team would like to thank Fabco-Air, Microtherm, Tel-Test, and Seabotix for their generous financial and technical support.

2013 MATE International Score Sheet

Photographs of ROV Details

Team Photos:

Finally, I Found It Shopping for Props
Constructing Props Testing the Gripper Force
Testing Circuits on a Breadboard Drilling the UHMW Frame
Assembling the UHMW Frame Mounting the Pneumatic Gripper
Designing the Printed Circuit Boards A New Use for 16-2 Wire
Milling a Slot into UHMW for Cameras Laying Out the Pressure Cylinder Cap
Slotting a UHMW Frame Piece Tapping the Pressure Cylinder End Cap
Attaching the Tools Soldering the Camera Connections
Installing Glands in the End Cap Assembling More Frame Pieces
Testing the Pressure Cylinder for Leaks Wiring the Pressure Cylinder
Final Stages Team Picture
Installing Expandable Sleeving Near Disaster - ROV Falls Off Table
Testing ROV after Fall Minor Damage
Team Work Working for Media Points
Assembling New Control Console Designing Poster
Practice at a Neighbor's Pool Tether Management
Practice Run A Score of 300 Is Possible
Send-off Dinner Packing for Seattle


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