ROV Entry for the 2012 MATE International Competition

The Cornerstone Robotics team competed June 21 - 23, 2012 in the 11th Annual
MATE International ROV Competition at the YMCA Aquatic and Family Center in Orlando, FL. The team redesigned and rebuilt their entire ROV after the Florida Regional. They ran their first and only complete test mission the day before the international competition. The team finished 6th out of 32 teams competiting and earned the award for Poster Display Champion and an MVP went to M. Angerhofer for the Engineering Evaluation.

2012 MATE International Score Sheet

Project Photos:

Tilt Camera Servo Milling the Gripper
Epoxy Several Wires into Tube Working on the Pneumatics
Milling the Gripper Finger Attaching Camera to Cylinder End Cap
Working on Fiber-Optics Programming Temperature Sensor
Sanding Cylinder on Granite Block Assembling Pneumatic Cyl. for Regionals
Assembling Control Console Camera Cylinder
Gutting Regional ROV Working on Servo Program
Cutting the UHMW Final Gripper Assembly
Mounting Thrusters to UHMW Frame Working on Suction Assembly
Pneumatic Valves Video Components
Fiber-Optic Transmitter/Receiver Control Console with Joysticks
Camera Cylinder Payload Tools
Thruster Propeller Schroud Mounting Thrusters
Cylinder End Cap International ROV
Camera Cylinder Assembling Camera Cylinder
Assembling International Pneumatic Cylinder Milling Control Console
Attaching Tools to UHMW Frame Working on the Poster
International Pneumatic Cylinder Installing Expandable Braided Sleeving


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