ROV Entry for the 2011 MATE International Competition

The Cornerstone Robotics team competed June 16-18, 2011 in the 10th Annual
MATE International ROV Competition at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, TX. The team finished 7th out of 26 teams competiting and earned the award for the best poster display.

2011 MATE International Score Sheet

2011 MATE International Award Winners

2011 MATE International Prizes

Trip Photos

Project Photos:

Finished ROV Protective Cage
Equations for PWM Debugging PWM
Drilling and Tapping Pressure Canister Drilling Gripper Support 80/20 Rail
Completed Pressure Canister Breadboard with Motor Controllers
Turning PVC Suction Guide Milling Taper on PVC Suction Guide
Snapper to Pick Up Sea Cucumber Solenoid to Drop Wellhead Cap
Sway Bilge Pumps and Vertical Thruster Milling the Valve Actuator Support
Dual Joystick Control with PWM Mission Trial Run
Front Tools Mounted on ROV A Good Run
Team in the Shop Making Epoxy Mold
Turning a Part Gripper with Planetary Gears
Valve Actuator with Planetary Gears Crunch Time
Writing the Technical Report A Novel Use for Earmuffs
Oops Oh My - Where's that Fitting?
(Go Gators)


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