Mini-Sandwich Line Follower

This year, the Cornerstone Robotics Team chose to build a miniature Sandwich line follower robot. They used the same circuitry as used in the first year project, but miniaturized everything they could. The size of the design was controlled by the size of the 12 vdc micro gearhead Sayama motors used. The wheels were turned on a small metal bench lathe with O-rings attached as a treads. The unit will follow a line flawlessly for about 3 hours on one 9V batterty.

Project Photos:

Soldering Sandwich Completed Sandwich
Close-up Rear View
Wheel Made with Bench Lathe O-rings Used for Treads
Underside with Sayama motors Pololu Caster #951 and Photoresistors
Top View Top View
+5V Voltage Regulator 9V Battery Taped to Top of Switch
In Operation In Operation




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