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Botball Weekly News:

Competition Week 1: The team started designing and constructing the robots. After brainstorming we constructed the table and are working to meet our deadlines for the robot constructions.

Competition Week 2: We overcame alot of challenges we found while constructing in week. We have refined our designs and have come up with our startegy for the competition at the end of March.

Competition Week 3: The designs of the robots are continuing to improve. We are living off of pizza now (a healthy diet) but we are getting alot of progress done. As the robot constructions are finishing up we are beginning to program; the hardest part of the preparation process.

Competition Week 4: The competition is getting closer and we are starting to work even harder at preparing for it. Programming has become the largest part of our work now. We have almost completely finished construction and are moving into the testing the robot and program together and making the necessary changes to them.

Competition Week 5: With just two weeks until compettion, the team is really stepping up their efforts to finish our designs, strategies, and programs.

Competition Week 6: Programming is the last thing we really have left until the competition. To get all the programs finished we are working hard to finish them and to make them work. We are continuing to test all of the programs and it is turning out very well.

Competition Week 7: Everything was running well the night before the tournament. When we tried our first practice round, disaster struck; one of our two robots could not get traction on the tournament surface. Off came the bridge pulling arm to lighten the load and a new strategy was worked out. We were pleased to get fourth place overall with all of the problems that had to be addressed.

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2008 Botball Video:

Florida Regional Crash

2008 Botball Photos:

2008 Cornerstone Botball Team
Starting the Botball Table
Securing the Table PVC Rails
Assemling The PVC Rails
Design Ideas
One More Pizza Dinner
The Makings of a Healthy Diet
Disorganisation of the Kit
Chaotic Order
Lots of Legos
Tasty Rivet
Pre-Tournament Testing
The Pits
Reengineering a Robot
Final Testing

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